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The Texas Heart Institute and Fit Houston Partner to Launch a New Wellness Campaign, #WALK30

December 2022

The Texas Heart Institute (THI) and Fit Houston announced a partnership to promote #Walk30, a health campaign that combines community wellness built on cultural empathy with leading research and education. 

Fit Houston launched out of the Houston 2036 Task Force on Equity and envisions a city where every community is active, vibrant and energetic. The organization won the Equity Pitch, which was delivered to prominent Business and Civic leaders who participated in inaugural cohort of the Houston 2036 Taskforce on Equity. Fit Houston identified the one thing that could improve daily life for communities, stave off chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and cancer, and improve mental wellbeing for Houstonians of all ages and in all communities - physical activity. 

“Regular physical activity reduces cardiovascular risk, improves mental health, and reduces cancer risk. Fit Houston is laser-focused on facilitating free physical activity that is available in every community and is done through a positive wellness movement with cultural empathy,” says founder and executive director, Lharissa Jacobs.

The #WALK30 campaign kicks off January 2023 and creates a pathway for CEOs, organizational leaders, families and individuals to “Take the Healthy Pledge” and inspire others to walk for 30 minutes each day, wherever you are, and then share walking activity and its impacts on personalized social media posts.

For more information about the program and how to participate, click here.

About Houston 2036

Transforming Houston’s future. In preparation for the bicentennial of Houston in 2036, the American Leadership Forum, Dialogue Houston, University of St. Thomas, University of Houston-Downtown are bringing leaders together to create and act upon a powerful vision of social justice for Houston’s future.  

The Houston 2036 Taskforce on Equity will be responsible for developing the vision, designing a plan for realizing that vision, and taking collective action to drive measurable change.

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