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Education Taskforce 

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Jaciel Castro is the Chief of Operations for Community Preschools, a local organization building capacity in early childhood in areas of accessibility and affordability. Jaciel was appointed as Regent for The University of Texas System Board of Regents by Governor Greg Abbott for term that began on June 1, 2017. While on the Board, Jaciel learned about the inequity gaps in early childhood education and the importance of starting early. In 2019, Jaciel left his work in the public school sector to take action to create access in early childhood for our communitie's most vulnerable children by starting an in-home daycare. Today, Jaciel and his team operate 5 high quality centers across the Houston area and they are now working to scale programs across the 13 counties in partnership with the Texas Education Agency, the Texas Workforce Commission and the Department of Health. Jaciel holds degrees in Structural Engineering and has his EIT, Organizational Development and a Masters in Finance. Father to 4 lovely kids and his wife is partner and co-founder of Community Preschools.

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