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Education Taskforce 


At the intersection of #emotionalintelligence #entrepreneurship #futureofwork #humantouch #innovation #intrapreneurship #skillsgap #workreadiness #technology and #digitaltransformation. Dr. Frey develops curricula and instructs business professionals, entrepreneurs, and technologists; providing them with the real-world resources they need to productively thrive in the workforce or turn ideas into reality. Working within and in addition to higher education to fill gaps between education and employment, he bridges gaps between expectations and reality to match the growing emerging and innovative technology needs in the world. Dr. Frey's research interests revolve around how the learning, work styles, and wellbeing of young professionals, entrepreneurs, and CEOs impact leadership effectiveness and business outcomes of startups and established organizations. Specifically around topics of emotional intelligence, achievement, and longevity. With over 25 years of technology leadership experience in global businesses; driving innovation in healthcare, nonprofit, education, oil, nuclear and clean energy sectors, Dr. Frey uses strong technology-based venture acumen to assist companies with digital transformation, emerging technology use, and intrapreneurship. Versed in strategic innovation cultural shifts, design thinking sprints, and rapid technology prototyping efforts, he is an entrepreneur himself and frequently engages in new venture development and investment.

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