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Education Taskforce 


A 2008 and 2012 Obama-Biden for America Presidential Campaign veteran, Lawrence has dedicated his professional life to the advocacy, support, and enrichment of those fighting for equity by building sustainable and scalable advocacy organizations. Lawrence currently leads PurposedSpace, a boutique social-impact organization that provides executive coaching, organizational consultancy and facilitates community/ collective-impact convenings across the country. Lawrence has served in various social-impact leadership positions across the political and education sectors. Grounded in a belief that an organization’s desired outcomes are only as plausible as the vitality of the organization itself, Lawrence has led teams to success by creating a healthy work-place culture and climate incongruence with dynamic programming, robust systems and tools, and day-to-day operational practices. Lawrence has demonstrated the capacity to identify tools and resources for diverse community stakeholders across the country. Using both traditional and cutting-edge organizing techniques, Lawrence is a transformative change agent that empowers individuals and communities by building coalitions that work towards collective impact. Lawrence’s passion to meet communities where they are have yielded quantitative victories in political campaigns, legislative advocacy, and in the transformation of public education organizations in underserved communities. Lawrence is currently a doctoral candidate at Vanderbilt University (2022 graduation year) where his research focused on mergers and acquisitions and the impact of organizational culture due-diligence models.

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