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Health Taskforce 

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Founder of Neutral Grey, LLC and Trè Nation Media, Stephanie Coleman curates the movement before the trend. Stephanie's philosophy is that "Branding is the easy part, the essential measure of disruptive design is to create solutions which communicate a narrative that transcends space and time.” About Neutral Grey, LLC Neutral Grey, LLC is a boutique social innovation, marketing and brand transformation agency that leverages on-demand and tailored media to create strategic initiatives that disrupt, maximize and transform user experience in the digital age. About Tre Nation Media Founded in 2009, Tré is a vehicle for conversation; it is organic, multi-directional, and omnichannel. The core mission is narrative transformation and to provide an opportunity, via curated editorials, to redefine culture through authentic and measured human engagement. Positiined as the knowledge resource for historically disenfranchised communities, Trè serves as a bridge and is committed to being the “Definitive Voice” and a trusted information platform. Headquartered in Houston, Tre highlights both Black-Americans and diverse cultures of the African diaspora. As the Houston region expands, it is on the path to becoming an undisputed global leader for international business. Tré is at the edge of this transition and provides companies and communities of all sizes the ability to develop and meet their diversity, equity, and inclusion goals in a matter that is authentic, beneficial, and measurable. Tré is a strategic platform for sustained dialogue and scalable engagement. Tré boldly speaks to those issues that matter most to diverse communities. Always trendsetting, Trè readers are tech-savvy, highly engaged, and loyal.

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